Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mika Rottenberg, Nottingham Contemporary.

05 May 2012 - 01 Jul 2012

The first major UK exhibition of Mika Rottenberg’s arresting and comically disturbing video works will be shown in three of our four galleries. Visitors will view them in specially created installations which create conditions as claustrophobic and absurd as those endured by the women workers she portrays.
Her videos explore labour – particularly repetitive women’s work. Her glamorous and oddly erotic workers are squeezed into sweatshops – often literally. Bodily fluids are sometimes part of the production process, where lo-fi machinery and Heath Robinson-like contraptions produce uncertain goods.
Rottenberg’s work plays with the manufactured aesthetic of the beauty salon – hair, nails, bellies, bums and breasts become autonomous objects. Her models are often out of the ordinary, such as the formidable Queen Raqui and the statuesque erotic model Bunny Glamazon. Rottenberg is interested in the dynamic between the exhibitionist and the voyeur. Her art works hint at power relations and reversals. A self-avowed feminist, she has said her work started with Marx.

Mika Rottenberg was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires and now lives in New York.

Crocodiles With a Second Skin Thrash at Over+Out, Lincoln, May 2012

Crocodiles With a Second Skin Thrash

  • Over+Out, Lincoln, Unit 1, Old Bargate Works, Milton Street, LN5 8PU
  • Hosted in the artist run space at Over+Out, Lincoln, Crocodiles with a Second Skin Thrash, is an exhibition that explores the re-use of existing material within an artist’s practice. This material is specific and highly loaded, being either that of existing artworks by the artist or incorporating the work of other artists into new artwork.
    Private View 10th May 6-8pm
    Show continues 11 – 25th May 2012
    Open Fri + Sat, 10am – 4pm (by appointment at other times
    Curated by Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley.

    Chris Bagnall
    Nathan Baxter
    Andrew Bracey
    Kate Buckley
    Joana Cifre Cerda
    Fiona Curran
    Thomas Cuthbertson
    Laura Dodgson
    Cinema Elective- Rebecca Steward and Thomas Went
    Dave Griffiths
    Toby Huddlestone
    Peter Lamb
    Ross Oliver
    David Osbaldeston
    Aislinn Ritchie
    Alec Shepley
    Emily Speed

Alec Shepley

Joana Cifre Cerda/ Laura Dodgson

Toby Huddlestone

 Fiona Curran

Aislinn Ritchie

Peter Lamb

Emily Speed

Chris Bagnall

Cinema Elective- Rebecca Steward and Thomas Went

Kate Buckley/ Ross Oliver

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do you need an experienced photographer?

Do you need an experienced photographer to document your art event or artwork for competitions, publications, posters, billboards, websites, and large-scale prints?

£10 an hour

so far
A Working
Peter Mills

Tessa Farmer
Phil Hopkins
Thomas Goddard
Alex Pearl
John Plowman
Andrew Bracey
Alan Armstrong
Fiona Curran
Richard DeDomenici
James Hopkins
Grimes and Jones
Amelia Beavis-Harris
Emma Stark

Lincoln Art
Pilgrimage of the fool
Agnes Nedregard

S Mark Gubb

Beacon Art
                  Doug Fishbone