Sunday, 22 January 2012


6DEGREES- December

Alex Pearl, Every Second is a Universe, clothing, 2011

These are part of a series of cress circles planted in discarded clothing. The sculptures are necessarily transient, growing and dying within a few weeks.

Alex Pearl, Dreadnought, 2011, 4’54”

Two weeks in the making this film examines the growth of one of the simplest of plants.

Martyn Smith, Backpack Drawing Machine, 2011

Tom Duggan, Black and Red Screensaver Piece, 2011
(This piece can be downloaded from here

Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Adapa, Guardian in the Year 9999, 2011

Thomas Goddard, Forbidden love digital collage 20x20cm 2011
Thomas Goddard, Mistaken for strangers digital collage 20x20cm 2011
Thomas Goddard, Secret meeting digital collage 20x20cm 2011
Thomas Goddard, Terrible love digital collage 20x20cm 2011

Peter Mills, No Choice, Don't Watch This, We Investigate S.E.L.F, 2011

6DEGREES- November

The Postmethodists, The Monks Gallery Presents The Postmethodists 2nd Supper, 2011
(The Monks Gallery were asked to tell the visitors to The Postmethodists event, not to take photos and to express themselves on their TWITTER page,

6DEGREES- October

LittleWhitehead, The Relief Series, 2011

Fiona Curran, A small, good thing, 2011 (Blue)
Fiona Curran, Its hard to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going, 2010 (Yellow)

Phill Hopkins, Untitled (eighteen drawings), 2011

Sian Bonnell, Risk Assessed - Bathroom, 2007

Richard DeDomenici, Fame Asylum, 2011

Laura Mahony, ‘Mirabilis’, 2011

6DEGREES (The Fish that Bit Dad)- September

Grimes and Jones, 2011

Summer Wheat, 2011

Joana Cifre Cerda, 2011

 Paul Kindersley, 2011

Slovenian Secret Artist (Unnamed), 2011

Summer Wheat, 2011

6DEGREES- August

 Tessa Farmer, An infestation, 2011

Rebecca Glover, With Hope, 2011

Dale Fearnley, Gnome Fishing, 2011

James Hopkins, Time Difference, 2011


Clare Tubby, Stretched, 2011

Emma Stark, Washer Woman, 2011


Tom Cretney,u·til·i·ty, 2011

Ian Manicom, Vender, 2011

Alan Armstrong, Billy the Kid, 2011
 Alan Armstrong, Local Reward, 2011
  Alan Armstrong ,Two sides to every story, 2011

John Plowman, 'Manifold', 2011
John Plowman, 'Manifold', 2011

Andrew Bracey, Unmasterclass,  2011

Nicholas Simpson ... . .-. ...- .. -.-. . 2011

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