Monday, 5 March 2012

'Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,' Trade has invited M-E-X-I-C-O project space

 'Short Sharp Blow to the Head..,' Trade has invited Mexico to install an exhibition for one night. 

'On the difficulty of believing you can be somewhere else' is a subtitle, or a summary of the three works by Olaf Breuning, David Blandy and DVVID Presper Watson, presented in one half of the Trade space.

The evening will also see the launch of an accumulative open source artist list madprops2012.xls supported by a proposal for an exhibition derived from the file.

Mad Props is an on-going project started by Mexico in 2011.

"In order to recognise the need to share with and learn from our contemporaries as well as the inevitable assimilation, appropriation and replication that occurs during this process. Mad Props seeks to make more visible the support structures and interdependency that creative practice relies upon."

Mexico is a exhibition space set up and run by 10 artists and curators. Based in Leeds, UK the space was set up to promote contemporary art and curatorial projects in the city. Aiming to facilitate a variety of artists' works and curatorial ideas from around the UK and internationally.

Mexico is: Joanna Aldoori, Simon Boase, Pat Creedon, Polly Hodson,
Ollie Jenkins, James Maxfield, Chloe Plumb, Leo Plumb, Zoe Sawyer
and Karl Vickers

Trade is an artist-run gallery based in Nottingham. Trade Gallery has been developed to provide additional routes of engagement and criticism with contemporary art, through exhibitions, events, articles and online interviews.

Recent exhibitions at Trade gallery include: Robert Ashley - Perfect Lives; Reactor - Greenman & Regular Fellows; Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry – Consequence of Retrospect; Elisa Pône, Katie Davies – Flash Bang; Richard Paul, David Sherry - The Perception Instruction; Artur Zmijewski – Them; Tomas Chaffe – Sometimes Artists Work Here; Abigail Reynolds – Mount Fear; and Joseph Beuys, ‘I like America and America Likes Me’.

(Projected) MEXICO, MadProps2012.xls
(Image on the floor) Olafur Breuning, Clouds
(Photo on the wall) DVVID Presper Watson. 1,000%

David Blandy, From The Underground

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