Monday, 5 March 2012

Thoresby Street Thursdays - Finbar Prior and Hannah Biggs

Thoresby Street Thursdays is series of diverse, experimental, energetic, confrontational short exhibitions to profile the exciting work being produced by all of our current studio members running from the beginning of March to the end of August. Each exhibition will feature two studio artists selected for similitudes or conflicts in their practices.

The first Thoresby Street Thursday features Finbar Prior and Hannah Biggs. Two members of One Thoresby Streets newest atelier group the Death of a Mauve Bat. This show will coincide with Trade Gallery's first "Short Sharp Blow to the Head" for which Trade has invited Leeds based M-E-X-I-C-O project space to install an exhibition in Trade Gallery for one night 

Finbar Prior

Hannah Biggs

The crowd

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